Northern Virginia Ki-Aikido

Merrifield Instructors

Steve Wolf<
Head Instructor  
Associate Ki Lecturer  
Yondan, Joden  

Marion Lebensbaum
Assistant Head Instructor  
Assistant Ki Lecturer  
Sandan, Chuden  

Gregory Ford-Kohne
Head Instructor Emeritus  
Tim Felegie
Assistant Ki Lecturer  
Sandan, Chuden  

Bob Pavese
Assistant Ki Lecturer  
Sandan, Chuden  

Nick Federov
Shodan, Shoden  

Jerry Billingsley
Assistant Ki Lecturer  
Ikkyu, Jokyu  

Elena Fink
Instructor - Children's Program  
Nikkyu, Chukyu  

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"We are all originally and deeply connected, and we are already living in perfect harmony. That which causes our own sense of conflict, anxiety, frustration, and separation is our own relative way of being. All we need to do is to experience and realize for ourselves the deep underlying truth of connection."
David Shaner, Sensei
Chief Instructor
Eastern Ki Federation